Clearfield FieldShield StrongFiberFieldShield StrongFiber from Clearfield is a durable high tensile strength fiber when compared to other fibers of its size. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Manufactured with premium bend-insensitive fiber, FieldShield StrongFiber offers high tensile strength to resist damage to the fiber during installation in the FieldShield Microducts. When terminated with a FieldShield Pullable Connector, the FieldShield StrongFiber can be quickly deployed, and in turn, reduces installation time drastically.

Designed to simplify the placement of fiber, FieldShield StrongFiber reduces the cost of any fiber deployment, while providing industry leading protection when combined with FieldShield Microducts. StrongFiber is pulled through microduct at turn-up maximizing installation efficiency. In the event of a duct or fiber being damaged or for future upgrades, the fiber is easily pulled from microduct, duct repaired and a new FieldShield StrongFiber is then pulled through the microduct for fast and cost-effective restoration or upgrade.

StrongFiber may be used in place of a traditional patch cord for reduced cable pileup within the route path of new or traditionally oversubscribed frames within a central office, head-end, data center or remote hut. With the more than 85% reduction from 3mm patch cords and 69% reduction from a 1.2mm patch cord, StrongFiber greatly reduces chances of micro-bends with reduced weight maximizing the cable radius and bend limiting equipment on any fiber management element.