ClearCurve® Drop Cable Assemblies

Corning ClearCurve® drop cable assemblies are based on Corning’s revolutionary technology, which enables truly bend-insensitive optical fiber and cable that produces virtually no attenuation loss even when bent to a minimum bend radius of 5 mm. This technology solves historic technical challenges for telecommunications carriers installing FTTH networks in high-rise residential and business complexes and other challenging tight-bend deployments.

Available with both ultra PC and angled PC performance, ClearCurve drop cable assemblies leverage and optimize the performance of ClearCurve bend-insensitive fiber capablilities with high-quality, factory-terminated and tested connectors to provide quicker installations with low connector insertion loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Backward compatible with all industry ITU-G.652 single-mode fiber meets industry standards and eliminates installation complexity
  • Minimum bend radius of 5 mm ideal for tight-bend deployments
  • Factory-terminated and -tested connectors