Bendable Boot JumpersBendable boot jumpers offer an innovative solution to an age-old challenge in optical networks. Like all other AFL cable assemblies, Bendable boot jumpers utilize high-quality components and highly-refined manufacturing processes to produce terminated assemblies that reliably meet or exceed leading industry standards. In addition, the Bendable boot jumper allows an installer to fine tune the installation by placing a controlled bend in the boot to properly dress and route the assembly in the immediate vicinity of the connector adapter. This translates into a more organized and well managed installation, wherein tangles and large, draping fiber bundles are virtually a thing of the past. Additionally, a new degree of safety is introduced to flush-mount or cabinet installations where clearance between the connector interface and the cabinet or equipment door is tight by allowing the installer to closely route the assembly toward the fiber egress point of the enclosure, thus reducing the probability of a fiber break or sharp bend at the rear of the boot.

• Infinitely variable boot anglefrom 0-90°
• RoHS Compliant
• Cable compliant to GR-409
• Connectors compliant to UL 94 V0

• Campus / LAN
• Equipment closets
• Fiber patch panels
• Optical Links