ALTOS Gel-Free, All-Dielectric Cables

Corning ALTOS® all-dielectric gel-free cables are designed for outdoor and limited indoor use for campus backbones in lashed aerial and duct installations.

The loose tube gel-free design is fully waterblocked using craft-friendly, water-swellable materials, which means cable access is simple and no clean up is required.

The flexible craft-friendly buffer tubes are easy to route in closures, and the SZ-stranded, loose tube design isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors while allowing easy mid-span access.

The all-dielectric cable construction requires no bonding or grounding, and these cables have a medium-density polyethylene jacket that is rugged, durable and easy to strip.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully waterblocked loose tube, gel-free design for simple access and no clean up
  • Medium-density polyethylene jacket is rugged, durable and easy to strip, while providing superior protection against UV radiation, fungus, abrasion and other environmental factors
  • All-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding
  • Available in 62.5 μm, 50 μm, single-mode (including bend-insensitive and non-zero dispersion-shifted (NZ-DSF) fiber options) and hybrid versions makes it ready for any application including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet