AllWave FLEX ZWP Jumpers Demanding Fiber-to-the-Home, Business, and Node (FTTx), Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC), and other applications require connectivity solutions that provide superior optical performance with high reliability.

To meet this challenge, OFS offers AllWave® FLEX ZWP Jumpers, the first ZWP jumpers to combine full spectrum low loss performance with very low bending loss. As data rates and distances increase and power budgets tighten, it is imperative that optical components minimize signal loss to support current and future applications.

Conventional Single-Mode Fiber (CSFM) jumpers on the market today may exhibit high bending and connector loss when installed in real networks, limiting distance, bandwidth, and network reliability. AllWave FLEX ZWP Jumpers combine low bending loss with OFS’ very low loss LC or SC connectors to help enable superior performance in any patch panel system.

AllWave FLEX ZWP Jumpers also minimize heat generated by the combination of high power transmission and fiber bends, preventing premature fiber coating failure and burning of cordage materials.

• FTTx, HFC, xDSL and BPL nodes, and any other optical access network
• Patch Panels in the Central Office, Head End, or Cabinet
• Pigtails in Optical Network Units (ONUs).

Features & Benefits
• 5 times lower bending loss than conventional single-mode fiber (CSMF) jumpers
• 50% lower connector loss than CSMF jumpers
• Zero Water Peak, low loss performance
• Fiber superior to and compliant with ITU G.652D specifications