ADSS Trunnion Assemblies

AFL offers trunnions with various mounting capabilities: bolted, banded or standoff. Trunnions reduce installation costs by functioning as a pull-through during installation (maximum line angle for stringing is 15° total, 7.5° per side, number of structures not to exceed 30). Block or pulley is not needed, provided these conditions are met. Available for single and double cables.



  • It May be used as a pull-through by removing the bushing inserts
  • Double cable support option
  • High-strength aluminum
  • Smaller and more compact design
  • Facilitates faster installation
  • Color-coded range taking inserts for easy identification
  • Versatile mounting styles to fit different structure types: bolted, banded or standoff
  • Banding and pole hardware supplied by the customer
  • Lowers the total cost of installation