BGI SGHMQK 1 GHz Hi-Q Digital Splitters

The BGI Hi-Q Series is the ideal splitter for your Digital two-way plans. Designed for the highest performance in systems utilizing Digital IP integration, cable modem and analog services where the highest isolation and RF performance are required. The Hi-Q design features SMT technology combined with high-quality ferrites and blocking capacitors on all ports for long-term stability in performance. The SGHMQK Horizontal Series is available in 2, 3, 3B, 4 and 4 T-way horizontal configurations.


  • 6KV ring wave surge protected to ensure low inter-modulation performance.
  • Minimum -45dBmV spurious and harmonics after 5 surges of 6KV ring wave with a +55dBmV return signal. Custom ultra linear manufactured and controlled ferrites prevent inter-modulation where high-level return carriers can affect forward path performance.
  • Enhanced return path Return loss @ 35dB and Isolation @ 40dB for the highest performance and compatibility of all 2-way digitally modulated networks.
  • Flat 1 GHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss and reliable RF performance.
  • High port to port Isolation providing a resilient 1 GHz Digital network.
  • Voltage Blocking capacitors on all ports eliminate core saturation from ground loops and prevent hum modulation.
  • Enhanced 180 degree Beryllium copper contacts with 24K gold plating for superior contact stability and center conductors range ( #18 to #23 gauge). Design allows 4 times more contact surface area.
  • SMT PCB component design with Hi-Q components for consistent specifications.
  • PCB grounded directly to housing at multiple points for stability and protection.
  • SCTE approved ground wire connection for #14-#6 gauge wires.
  • SCTE compliant.
  • Laminated product label with ports loss clearly indicated, will not fade.