MDU GatewayThe Terrace MDU gateway is a multi channel QAM to analog RF converter. Demodulated MPEG-2 transport streams from multiple QAMs are decrypted, decoded to analog, then converted to the correct RF channel. The Terrace can demodulate up to 16 QAM carriers, select the MPEG-2 transport streams and remap them to 82 standard definition MPEG-2 program streams which are NTSC modulated to analog video channels. The Terrace is a flexible, compact and cost effective way to bring a digital lineup back into the analog realm for an MDU bulk account.

• Highly integrated - Combines QAM demodulation, decryption, NTSC modulation and upconversion in a single product
• Flexibility - Offer both analog and high frequency digital bypass in the same chassis
• Compact - design saves space and power
• Demodulate up to 16 QAM channels and decrypt up to 72 SPTS streams
• Convert up to 82 SPTS to analog channels
• Supports up to 12 Multi-Channel CableCARDs to decrypt streams
• Scalable - deploy additional units as needed
• Power Redundancy - two load sharing power supplies (one takes over if the other fails)
• Compatible with HITS QT+