Distribution ReceiverThe RX8330 Distribution Receiver extends the RX8300 series of Integrated Receiver Decoders by providing feature-rich multi-format standard definition (SD) decoding capability with high quality SDI output for video distribution applications. The RX8330 gives the user access to the latest compression and transmission technologies to allow for the most cost-effective and bandwidth transmissions possible whilst ensuring the highest standards of reliability and video quality.

The RX8330 offers both ASI and the latest DVB-S2 capable satellite input interfaces. As security of content is always of paramount importance, compatibility with popular CA systems including DVB Common Interface is provided. The RX8330 shows its true class through its capability for multiformat decoding of all SD 4:2:0 video standards combined with high quality SDI digital video and analog video outputs. This capability is further enhanced by the RX8330’s ability to receive, and down-convert HD video to SD providing an SD output for broadcast or monitoring. Additionally for systems that stay in the compressed domain, decrypted transport streams can be handed off into digital networks through a choice of both ASI or optional IP output interfaces.

The feature-rich specification of the RX8330 provides the capability and flexibility that places the receiver as the key link in the broadcast chain for applications from content distribution and turnaround to critical network monitoring.

RX8330 – Distribution Receiver (RX8330/BAS)
The following features are available as standard:
• 4 input DVB-S QPSK satellite demodulator
• Transport stream input with ASI connection
• Dual switchable ASI/SDI output
• DVB Common Interface CA support
• Director single service decryption
• Front panel and Web browser control, with alarm relay
• SCTE 35 controlled contact closures for ad-insertion signaling

Optional features include:
• DVB-S2 QPSK and 8PSK demodulation
• Transport stream over IP output
• Multi-service decryption via Pro CAMs
• Single service and multi-service BISS decryption
• MPEG-2 SD 4:2:0 video decoding
• MPEG-2 HD 4:2:0 down-conversion
• MPEG-4 AVC SD video decoding
• MPEG-4 AVC HD down-conversion
• 2 stereo pair Dolby® Digital audio decoding with 5.1 to 2.0 down-mixing
• AAC audio decoding with 5.1 to 2.0 down-mixing
• MPE IP data de-encapsulation
• Single service filtering and PID remapping
• Multi-service filtering