MULTIPLEXER, SCI ATL CONTINUUM MUX 4PORTSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA Model D9604 Re-Mulitplexer and Processor with up to 4 ASI Inputs.

Today’s digital systems demand powerful, flexible and compact solutions. The D9600 Re-multiplexer and Transport Stream Processor series, which are part of the Continuum DVP™ D9600 Advanced Headend Processor family, address those requirements. It is the next generation of intelligent headend processing equipment where the combination of compactness and flexibility leads to a cost effective and state of the art solution. Years of experience have demonstrated that the device will work in most situations, even if the transport streams (TS) are not fully DVB or MPEG compliant. The optional built-in DVB scrambler allows easy integration with several leading Conditional Access (CA) systems.

The D9600 Re-multiplexer and Transport Stream Processor series have different models varying from a 1 RU unit with 4, 8 or 12 ASI inputs, to a 2 RU unit having 16 or 24 ASI inputs (all inputs can handle both MPTS and SPTS). If needed, a unique configurable interface allows the configuration of a main – backup input section. The unit has two identical ASI outputs making it possible to source signals to different devices (such as router, QAM modulator etc.).

Re-multiplexing is only a first step. Transport Stream processing is the second. The D9600 Re-Multiplexer and Transport Stream Processor series have very powerful TS processing capabilities including full PID filtering and re-mapping, MHP support and many more. Every version is supplied standard with basic monitoring including many TR 101 290 errors, bit rate measurement and viewing the incoming and outgoing PSI/SI. This allows an operator to address inquiries related to the Transport Stream. The extended PSI/SI capabilities allow it to address many unique situations and challenges.

All PSI and SI tables can be regenerated and played out, changing dynamically according to input changes and configurations. Together with the SI-Server certain customized and even non-compliant situations may be addressed.
The D9600 Re-multiplexer and Transport Stream Processor series have a Graphical User Interface based on Java technology. This creates a user-friendly environment and limits the learning curve and training costs. Additionally, the units fit into Scientific-Atlanta’s total management solutions, the ROSA™ Network Management System. This creates a high integration of the D9600 Re-multiplexer and Transport Stream Processor into the complete digital solution.