ENCODER, MPEG-4 SD AC, 2 STEREO, ASI/IP ENCODER, SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA/CISCO, D9034-S - PAL/NTSC, MPEG-4 SD encoder, AC power supply, 2 stereo audio PT/LII audio, Closed Caption, ASI and IP out. Pre-sight Plus noise filtering (P/N 4015039.302.020.AA)

To help optimize bandwidth utilization in digital transmission systems, the Model D9034-S Encoder is designed to deliver high-quality MPEG-4 part 10* (also known as H.264 or AVC) and optionally MPEG-2 video using very limited bandwidth.

In this encoder, MPEG-2 can optionally co-exist with MPEG-4 video within the same chassis. This enables operators to make use of the MPEG-4 and the MPEG-2 encoding format. The D9034-S Encoder offers PreSightPlus™ as an option, which is an adaptive and motioncompensated noise reduction technique that provides picture quality in a noisy environment, and is suitable in both contribution and distribution applications.

For user-friendly TV guides and similar applications, the D9034 Encoder offers an integrated picture-in-picture (PIP) encoding feature as an option. Control of the encoder is supported via the front panel interface, an on-board web application, ROSA™ drivers, and an open communication protocol (SNMP). A dedicated Ethernet port is available to facilitate both control and monitoring of the encoder.

The D9034-S Encoder offers built-in support for SCTE 35 digital program insertion (DPI) via contact closure or cue tone interface, which is used for program and add-insertion applications in the digital domain. The extensive features allow the D9034-S Encoder to address a wide range of applications such as contribution, cable headends, DTH play-outs, and IP headends.