KAON VM3000G D3.1 Modem

DOCSIS 3.1 CableLabs® Certified Cable Modem

The VM3000G Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem, with speeds up to 1Gbps and DOCSIS 3.1 is 10X faster than DOCSIS 3.0 devices.

It’s backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 and ready for future service plan upgrades.

The newest technology being offered by cable Providers. It is capable of the fastest speeds available by cable Internet service providers, perfect for things like 4K Ultra-HD video streaming and virtual reality gaming.

The VM3000G is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem which is suitable for those who are looking for ultra- high speed for home network. Its speed, up to 10Gbps downstream and 1Gbps upstream, enables users to enjoy dynamic home entertainment such as 4K video and gaming.  

With its ultra-high performance, the cable service providers are able to provide the quality of services and experience for subscribers and also to prepare future service upgrades.