EDA 2000 Series Drop Amplifiers

The EDA 2000 family products meets and exceeds the challenges of cable communications networks. It supports forward and reverse transmission of video and fast-growing data and telephony services.

Features such as 6 kV surge protection on all ports, water sealed SCTE-compliant connectors, and PTC short-circuit protected wall adapters ensure the highest level of reliability for subscriber satisfaction.

The EDA 2000 Series comes in four versions (1,2, 4 and 8-ports) to meet specific, multiple service requirements for fast-growing, video, data and telephony services.

The main improvement is extra surge protection (XSP) to the IEEE 6 kV 3kA combination wave standard. The test injects 35 times more energy than the level found in previous models.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • · Fully compatible with all digital signal formats, forward and reverse
  • · 3 dB noise figure
  • · Return band: 5-42 MHz
  • · Powered locally or remotely
  • · Visible LED for unit power verification
  • · 1, 2, 4 & 8 port models
  • · Weather resistant housing
  • · Field proven with over 1.5 million installed
  • · SCTE complaint F connectors
  • · Short-circuit protected wall adapters (PTC)
  • · Designed and manufactured at a N. American ISO 9001 certified facility