Platinum Tools EZ-SnapJack™ - CAT5e

The patented EZ-SnapJack is self-terminating and quickly installs for professional results in a snap. There's no need for punch downs, so you'll save time and be able to repair damaged jacks on the spot.

The EZ-SnapJacks are designed to fit industry standard wallplates in multiple colors.

  • Wire guide ensures pairs stay in proper order for fast, easy termination
  • Optimal for new or retrofits in commercial and home automation instillations
  • Re-useable
  • UL Rated
  • Reduced tool cost, no PDT required
  • Compatible with insulated wire diameter of up to 0.040"

Ordering Information

Part #Description
705WH-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e White, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705WH-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e White, ClamPack 4 EA
705LA-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Light Almond, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705LA-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Light Almond, ClamPack 4 EA
705BL-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Blue, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705BL-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Blue, ClamPack 4 EA
705IV-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Ivory, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705IV-4CEZ-SnapJack Cat5e Ivory, ClamPack 4 EA
705BK-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Black, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705BK-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Black, ClamPack 4 EA
705YL-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Yellow, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705YL-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Yellow, ClamPack 4 EA
705OR-1 EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Orange, Bulk Bag 1 EA
705OR-4C EZ-SnapJack Cat5e Orange, ClamPack 4 EA