At ARRIS, we are redefining connectivity. We partner with the world’s leading Service Providers and Enterprises to provide core-to-edge network innovation, constant connectivity that meets consumer demands and cost-effective, scalable solutions that enable them to succeed.

Looking towards the near future, it's certain that new technologies will demand low-latency and ultra-high-speed networks. Soon, applications will stretch beyond communications, commerce, and entertainment.

Meeting the world's connectivity needs requires constant innovation, efficiency and the ability to scale network solutions.

Each day, we solve our customers’ challenges by supplying the entire value chain and providing insights into the complexities of each end-to-end network we deploy.

We provide the solutions and service that transform the future of connectivity from network solutions and video and broadband devices to wired and wireless solutions.

Today’s consumers are changing the way they watch their favorite video programming, with multiscreen viewing, binge watching and time shifting becoming the new normal. And along with these changing behaviors comes a new category of competition for video service providers, who are building lucrative businesses around the anytime, anywhere streaming capabilities of the Internet. In this new video marketplace, those service providers who can profitably deliver quality content when, where and how consumers want to watch it will seize the leadership position. And for many, this means delivering video over an all IP network.

ARRIS is a global innovator in IP, video and broadband technology. ARRIS helps service providers extend their IP capabilities to deliver high quality content to consumers – on their own terms. With a range of flexible solutions, ARRIS can help service providers expand their IP network capacity, cultivate compelling multiscreen capabilities and generate innovative new revenue streams in a way that achieves their investment goals and exceeds consumer expectations. Leveraging our rich experience in video delivery, ARRIS can help architect end-to-end IP video solutions that can surpass those of alternative providers, and deliver rich new experiences that will keep subscribers coming back for more.