MODULATOR, VMM860AGDrake Agile Mini-Modulators 860MHz

Use WithRMM-12 Chassis, PSM-121 Power Supply, RMM-4 Chassis/PS

The VMM860AG is an agile, high quality, vestigial sideband, heterodyne audio/video modulator with synthesized visual and aural carriers. One to twelve modulators or other accessories can be mounted in the same amount of rack space typically required for two standard size units. Ideally suited for private cable, hotels and motels, institutional, and SMATV applications, the VMM860AG accepts video and audio baseband signals from a satellite receiver, TV camera, videotape recorder, TV demodulator, or similar signal sources. Convenient Pushwheel Switches for Channel Selection.

• Convenient Pushwheel Switches for Channel Selection.
• Standard CATV channels 2 - 135 or Broadcast channels 2 - 69 selectable from front panel.
• IRC & HRC CATV channel formats selectable by internal jumper.
Stereo ready utilizing BTSC stereo baseband. Rear panel pre-emphasis disable switch provided.
• Agility allows for "hot standby" solutions in headends.
• Agility allows for minimal service stock.
• An Economical NTSC vestigial sideband modulator.
• +45 dBmV output. Adjustable from +35 to +45 dBmV.
• SAW filtering for superior adjacent channel performance.
• Front panel control of RF output level, A/V ratio, and video/audio modulation.
• Complies with FCC Rules Part 76.
• Use up to 12 VMM860AG modulators in a two rack height space powered by a single PSM121 Power Supply.
• Use up to 4 VMM860AG modulators in a one rack height space by using the RMM4 Rack and Power Supply.
• Rack mount and high capacity PSM121 Power Supply sold separately.