MODULATOR, 35DB AGILE STEREO CH FM88-108Pico Macom Agile Stereo 35dB Modulator

Channels FM 88-108

The Pico Macom PCFM is a frequency agile professional re-broadcast grade, microprocessor controlled Stereo/Mono Audio Modulator. Its phase-locked loop frequency control and sharp two-stage bandpass filtering minimize adjacent channel interference and assures accurate and spurious free output. The PCFM provides up to 35dBmV output across the FM band (88-108 MHz). The unit is easily tuned by using channel up/down buttons and the digital display located on the front panel. Designed specifically for commercial installations, the PCFM provides superior signal-to-noise ratio, discrete left-and-right audio signal separation, and enhanced dynamic range. Switchable mono/stereo capability provides FM transmission versatility. The modulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset.