Link-Chain Style HoistEvery Chance hoist is proof-tested and factory operated at 150% of capacity rating. Lightweight
high-strength handle and sheave housings are heat-treated aluminum. All working parts are fully enclosed in the housing unit to protect the hoist mechanism and to cover the gearing for worker safety.

Chain is high-strength alloy steel, polished for smooth action and low wear. Load hooks are forged steel with spring-loaded latches. Both top and bottom hooks swivel 360° to allow for unwinding action of rope or stranded cable under tension.

Each unit bears a safety-instruction label in accordance with ANSI specifications, below.

· Lift more than rated load
· Operate with a twisted or damaged chain
· Use if damaged or malfunctioning
· Lift people or loads over people
· Use a handle extender (cheater bar)
· Obscure this label

· 5-1/2' standard lift distance
· 20" handle/aluminum housing
· 1-Ton rating
· 90 lbs. handle pull at rating
· 11" hook-to-hook minimum
· 14 lbs. (6.3 kg) weight

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
3011SLink Chain Hoist