Klein D275-5 Lightweight 5" Flush Cutter

The Klein D275-5 Flush Cutter is one of those little tools that you don't realize how much you needed one till you use one.  Our customers prefer these over other options due to there easy, smooth, and clean cuts on wires, electronic components. wire/zip ties, jewelry, and even fingernails!

Get a Clean, Flush Cut with These 5" Klein Cutters

One of the stand out features of the D275-5 shears is ability to cut flush to a surface.  This close cut is also due to the fine blade tips that make it very easy to get in tight spots and make your cut.

The sharp and precise blades on this cutter handles wire up to 18 AWG. This makes it the perfect tool for data wires, low voltage, and snipping extra leads from soldered complainants.  Most small cutters like this have flimsy handles, but the Klein Cutters has larger grips that greatly reduce cutting effort.

If you work with zip ties, you'll appreciate the smooth cut edge it leaves behind.  Most other side-cutters and snips leave a sharp edge protruding from the cut zip tie that ends up scratching you or the customer when you brush by it.

Pro Tip: This tool makes a flat cut on the flush side, not on both sides.

Buy the Klein Tools D275-5 cutters and get in the closest, easiest, and cleanest cuts!


Specifications of the Klein D275-5 Cutter

  • Overall Length: 5''
  • Shears wire up to 18 AWG producing a flat, flush cut.
  • Shear cutting greatly reduces cutting effort and minimizes fly-off.
  • Cushioned grips and steel return spring for increased comfort during repetitive cutting.
  • Ultra slim profile increases access in confined areas.
  • Heat treated for increased durability.