VDV MapMaster 2.0™

The VDV MapMaster 2.0 combines continuity testing, mapping, tone generator and length measurement functions into a single unit that is capable of identifying and mapping 19 locations at one time. 


  • Measures the entire length of a cable and/or individual wire pairs and lengths to Opens
  • Tests Voice, Data, and Video
  • Tests CAT-6, Cat-5e, Cat-5, Cat-4, Cat-3 and Coax cables
  • Tests UTP (Unshielded) and STP (Shielded) cables
  • Patch cables may be tested without removing the master remote from storage
  • Easy to read, extra large 7-segment LCD screen with large icons
  • Tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs
  • Tone with four selectable cadences on single specific wires, pairs or all wires simultaneously
  • Map 19 unique locations with optional ID Remotes
  • RJ11/RJ12 & RJ45 (Voice & Data) Master Remote stored in bottom of case
  • Low power consumption for long battery life with auto power-off mode
  • Simultaneous Mapping of composite "Tech" (Video and Data) Cables
  • Multiple Cable Mapping with optional ID Remotes (data and video)
  • Cable test results displayed in wire map format with connector pin numbers
  • Displays length reading in feet or meters
  • Voltage detection warning icon
  • Continuous "LOOP ON" mode for trouble-shooting intermittent problems
  • Low battery icon indicator

Contents of the T129 VDV MapMaster 2.0:

  • MapMaster™ 2.0 Tester
  • RJ45 #1 ID/Map Master Remote
  • Coax F #1 Remote
  • RJ45 to Alligator Cable
  • F (F-to-F) Adapter
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Sheet

Contents of T129K1 VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit:

  • VDV MapMaster 2.0 with detachable Master Remote
  • RJ45 #1-12 Remote ID Set (ID Mapping only)
  • Coax F #1-8 Remote ID Set (ID Mapping only)
  • RJ45 Port Saver
  • RJ45 to Alligator Clips Cable
  • No-Fault Cable
  • F Female to F Female Adapter
  • BNC Female to F Female Adapter
  • BNC Female to F Male Adapter
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Case with Foam Insert

Ordering Information

Part # Description
T129VDV MapMaster 2.0™
T129K1VDV MapMaster2.0™ Test Kit
T124Master Remote Replacement