TeleMate Pro Butt Set

The Tele-Mate® Pro TM-700 Telephone Test Set from Greenlee helps technicians install, service, and maintain voice services with ease.

DSL compatible in both Monitor and Talk modes, the TM-700’s LCD screen makes reading polarity, voltage, current, and ringing frequencies easier than ever, and clearly shows speed dials and recent numbers for faster access.

The TM-700 features over-voltage and over-current detection for safer operation and also features an intercom mode, a built in toner for pair tracing, and DTMF detection and measurement for enhanced productivity. Use the built in loudspeaker or with a headset (included) for easy hands free operation.

Other features of the TM-700 include:

  • LCD (96 x 48 pixels, 5 lines) displays the following: Caller ID (name and number) and Call Waiting
  • Dialed number
  • Over-voltage conditions
  • Phone status (monitor, on hook etc.)
  • Line Voltage: 110 Vdc max
  • Loop Current: 125 mA max
  •  Ring Frequency: 15–70 Hz. High impedance monitor enables use on DSL line