Sidekick T&NThe new Sidekick T&N combines the functions of the Sidekick 7B plus
the features of Transmission and Noise testing. The result is an even
more versatile test set that identifies frequently missed faults as well as
tests and qualifies the transmission quality of POTS lines. The additional
features include:

• Loop Current testing
• Circuit Loss testing
• Metallic Noise testing
• Power influence testing
• Load Coil detection
• The familiarity of the Sidekick's analog meter and rugged, lightweight design, combined with five new test functions, provide quality loop testing for POTS lines.


• Determines stressed noise susceptibility of dry and working pairs
• Five Transmission and Noise Tests
• Measures resistance, AC/DC volts, and capacitive kick
• Minimal drying effect in all ranges
• Single setup for testing Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground
• Provides tone for twisted pair or crossed conductor identification
• Low Battery indicator light
• Field replaceable leads
• Soft case with adjustable strand hook

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
1137-5002Sidekick T&N