Pulser Fault Locator Identifies the exact location of even the smallest breaks in insulation by 'pulsing' a high-voltage signal that radiates intot he earth at the location of the faults. With the A-frame mounted receiver, a visual analog meter points the way to the source of the voltage.

• Multiple faults on a single wire can be identified, indicating the need to replace instead of repair.
• Extra-long test leads feature heavy-duty alligator clips for use on multiple cable types.
• Includes a rechargable transmitter, reciever, A-frame, ground stake, 120 V charger and a 12V DC (cigarette lighter) adapter.
• Battery operated: (1) 12V and (1) 9V battery included.
• Molded carryingcase included.
• 1-year limited warranty.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
PE2003Pulser Fault Locator