915FS Optical Fusion Splicer

The 915FS Optical Fusion Splicer is the smallest and lightest active cladding fusion splice in traditional format with IP52 rating.

It has been designed to meet virtually any FTTx installation and can also be used for P2P installations.

Features include:

  • Active clad means low loss splices
  • Splice loose-tube fiber to Greenlee Splice-On connectors easily with patented adapter technology
  • Smallest and lightest Active Clad Fusion Splicer in traditional format with IP52 rating
  • Resistant to dust and water


Ordering Information

Part #Description
915FS915FS Optical Fusion Splicer
915FS-KIT1915FS Fusion Splicer & Cleaver Kit (Incl. 915FS Optical Fusion Splicer & 915CL Optical Fiber Cleaver)
915FS-KIT2915FS Contractor Fusion Splicer Kit (Incl. 915FS Optical Fusion Splicer, 915CL Optical Fiber Cleaver, Fiber Optic Stripper & extra battery)