FTB-730-iOLM Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

Powered by Link-Aware technology, the iOLM self-manages the setting of all test parameters—ready-to-use intelligence that dramatically shortens the learning curve. Minimize training, avoid test misconfiguration, and facilitate your technicians’ transition from copper to fiber. Using an automated multipulse acquisition approach and filled with advanced algorithms, the iOLM is an OTDR-based application that delivers detailed information on every element on the link, in a single button operation—providing maximum intelligence and simplicity for expert-level link characterization.


  • FTTx/MDU test challenges within PON networks
  • Access point-to-point (P2P) network testing Key Features and Benefits
  • Turn complex OTDR information into simple and accurate analysis with the Link-Aware technology
  • Identify each event of the network and obtain a straightforward fiber link status with the Optical Link View
  • Benefit from Prompt Diagnosis to fix network issues quickly and efficiently
  • Accelerate troubleshooting by eliminating manipulations with the In-Line Optical Power Meter

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FTB-730-iOLMFTB-730-iOLM Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

Multiple configurations available. Please check with your TVC representative for details.