910FS Optical Fusion Splicer

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing applications The Greenlee Communications 910FS Optical Fusion Splicer is designed to meet virtually any FTTx application. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing applications, the 910FS allows technicians to diagnose, splice, and solve a variety of fiber optic problems with ease. The Greenlee Communications 910FS also features Core Alignment to minimize splice losses and rework time. Pre-terminated splice-on-connectors reduce prep time and yield lower connection losses. With dual cameras, 240X magnification, and a large 5.7” color LCD, technicians can analyze cleaved fiber optic cable faster than ever. Up to 5,000 splice records can be stored, and the long-life, quick-recharge battery keeps on working even in remote locations.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
910FS Optical Fusion Splicer
910FS-KIT1 Fusion Splicer & Cleaver Kit
910FS-KIT2 Contractor Fusion Splicer Kit