House Bracket
· Made of 3/16" thick high quality steel.
· Mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specification B695.
· Drop attachment mounting hole is 7/16" diameter.
· Bracket has three (3) 9/32" diameter mounting holes which will accommodate #12 wood screws or 1/4" diameter machine screws for a secure mounting in various surfaces.
· Suitable for multi-dwelling residential drops or for commercial applications.
· May be used for attachments or as a standoff.
· Bracket’s legs measure 3-7/16" (house side) by 2-7/8". Width is 1-3/4".

The DIAMOND House Bracket is a sturdy, secure customer premise drop cable bracket. It is recommended for applications where standard drop attachments are inadequate.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCarton QuantityWeight Per 100 Pcs.
40-0020 5090 lbs