MaxCell Part Number Configuration

MaxCell is offered in a variety of configurations and reel sizes. The part numbers used for ordering MaxCell are constructed using by as many as 14 characters:

MX C 3456 XX 10000

MX is the standard prefix to identity the product as a MaxCell product.

C is the Product Line Code (C=Standard, D=Detachable, P=Plenum, R=Riser)

3456 is the Product Configuration Code (3456 = 3” 3-Cell; 2002 = 2” 2-Cell; 2003 = 2” 3-Cell; 4003 = 4” 3-Cell; 2001 = 2” 1-Cell)

XX is the color code (BK=Black, RD=Red, BL=Blue, YL=Yellow, WH=White, PR=Purple, GR=Green)

10000 is a standard footage* (Standard Footages used in Part Number) Standard Colors: 3” 3-Cell: Black, Blue, Red; 2” 2-Cell: Purple; 2” 3-Cell: Yellow; 2” 1-Cell: White; 4” 3-Cell: Green

*The standard footages used in our part numbers do represent standard put up reel lengths, but they also represent pricing standards. Standard footages are also used for custom orders but such orders require textual definition to specific reel lengths.

MaxCell: Pricing Rules and Accessory Number Overview

Pricing Rules

Pricing By Reels – Pricing for all orders is based on individual reel lengths. The standard colors for each product are shown. When using XX for non-standard colors, textual definition is required on the order as to the requested color.

Custom Reel Pricing - When ordering custom length reels, the standard length reel part number less than the required length is used for both part numbers and pricing and textual definition is required for specific lengths. For example, for standard black 3” 3 Cell, when needing 4 reels with 3500’ each, the pricing is based upon the MXC3456BK2650 and the Purchase Order shall read: Part#: MXC3456BK2650 Qty: 14,000’ (4 reels, 3500’ each)

Quantity Definitions - Purchase Orders received with evenly divided standard footages and no textual notes will be interpreted as standard reel length orders with no requested clarification. An order received with part number MXC3456BK2650 and a quantity of 10,600 will be shipped as 4 x 2650’ reels.

Accessory Part Number Overviews

Installation Kits

MXCIK11.......Install kit for all products, single pack pulls

MXCIK21.......Install kit for all products, double pack pulls

MXCIK31CH.......Install kit for all products, triple pack pulls

Installation Parts

MXCSW.......1800lb swivel, .875”

ODMXC2CH.......2-Way chain harness

MXC3CH.......3-Way chain harness Termination Products - Inflatable Wrap Bags

MXCITB3.......Inflatable termination bag for a 3” conduit

MXCITB4.......Inflatable termination bag for a 4” conduit

MXCITB5.......Inflatable termination bag for a 5” conduit

MXCITB6.......Inflatable termination bag for a 6” conduit

MXCITT.......Inflation termination tool

MXCIGC.......CO2 Gas cartridge for MXCITT

Termination Products - 100% Water Tight Split Plugs

MXCTP4 .......4” Duct water tight termination plug

MXCTP6.......6” Duct water tight termination plug

MXCTBSET070.......Bushing set, MaxCell for .70” holes

MXCTBSET090.......Bushing set, MaxCell for .90” holes

MXCTBSET110.......Bushing set, MaxCell for 1.10” holes