E, A, 2 Pair E Drop Wire ClipsThe DIAMOND “E”, “A”, and 2 Pair “E” Drop Wire Clips are used in telephone and CATV
drop installations to secure drop wire runs to either wood or masonry surfaces.

· Made of high quality steel.
· Mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695.
· Hole diameter is .209" for all clamps.
· Tabs of clamps are spread 3/4" apart to facilitate easy insertion of drop wire.
· Three transverse ribs in the radius of the clamp provide a positive hold on the drop wire to prevent wear from friction.
· The 2 Pair Drop Wire Clamp is an enlarged version of the “E” drop wire clamp designed for use on 2 Pair Drop Cable.
· Clamping is accomplished by passing a screw through the pierced tabs and securing the clamp to the fastening surface.
· A DIAMOND Plastic Screw Anchor may be used to secure the clamp to masonry surfaces.
· The “E” Drop Wire Clamp is used as a standard by all major telephone companies for standard one pair Drop Cable.
· R.E.A. accepted.

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