Corning Splice TraysAn Evolant™ Solutions Product

Corning Cable Systems splice trays use proven designs and fiber organization technology to provide optimum physical protection for fusion and mechanical splicing methods. The trays are engineered for use with both loose tube and tight-buffered optical cable designs. Their generous size prevents induced attenuation due to fiber bending.

The splice trays are available in either a metallic version (M67 series) or an injection-molded plastic version (UST series). The metal tray series consists of a rugged aluminum base and cover. Crimpable metal tabs provide buffer tube strain-relief. Additional strain-relief points are available for securing buffer tubes or pigtails to the trays using cable ties. Clear covers for most full-length splice trays are sold separately.

The UST plastic tray series consists of an injection-molded, black plastic base that incorporates features to retain fiber loops and control the bend radius. The clear plastic cover allows visibility of the fibers for inspection without opening the tray. Tie-wrap holes provide strain-relief for buffer tubes and tight-buffered fibers. Unique strain-relief tabs are provided for multiple buffer tubes.

Both splice tray series contain organizers for a variety of popular splicing methods. The Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) fusion splice organizer is of high-precision molded construction that holds and protects the actual splice, thereby eliminating the need for extra parts. Each mechanical and heat-shrink splice organizer provides a positive holding action for maximum splice protection during installation and use.

Designed for use with Corning Cable Systems interconnection hardware and splice closures, these splice trays are an integral part of the complete Corning Cable Systems splicing system.

· Craft-friendly design
· Available for many splicing methods
· Used for multimode or single-mode systems
· Metal trays feature black powder coating for ease of fiber identification and protection
· Metal trays come standard with aluminum tops
· Clear plastic covers for most metal trays available separately
· No stress placed on completed splices within tray

NOTE: The trays have a “Type” that is shown in the splice tray descriptions. This “Type” can be used to match compatibility with various Corning Cable Systems splice housings. RTV fusion splice trays contain an organizer that seals bare splices with the use of RTV, resulting in higher splice density than using heat-shrink fusion splice protectors. Single-fiber heat-shrink fusion splice trays will accept 60 mm single-fiber heat-shrink fusion splice protectors. Heat-shrink mass fusion splice trays accept multifiber heat-shrink mass fusion splice protectors. All splice trays can be used for single-mode or multimode applications.


Part NumberDescription
M67-031 Tray for 12 mechanical splices or RTV fusion splices Type 2S
M67-041 Tray for 12 RTV fusion splices Type 2S
M67-078 Wide Tray for 24 heat-shrink fusion splices Type 4S Wide
M67-048 Tray for 12 single-fiber heat-shrink fusion splices Type 2S
M67-110 Tray for 12 heat-shrink fusion, 12 Splice Pak Splice Protectors or six heat-shrink mass fusion Splices Type 4R
M67-060 Tray for 12 RTV fusion splices Type 2R
M67-061 Tray for six mechanical splices Type 2R
M67-068 Tray for six heat-shrink fusion splices Type 2R
M67-086 Tray for 12 RTV fusion splices Type 4S
M67-076 Tray for six heat-shrink mass fusion splices or 12 heat-shrink fusion splices Type 4S
M67-070Tray for up to 12 mechanical splices Type 4S
M67-092 Tray for 24 RTV fusion splices Type 2S
M67-113 Tray for 12 Splice Pak™ Splice Protector Type 4S
M67-112 Long tray for 24 heat-shrink fusion splices Type 2S Long
SCF-ST-077 Tray for 48 single-fiber or 12 mass fusion heat-shrink fusion splices Type 4S
UST-024 Universal Splice Tray (organizers included for 24 RTV fusion, heat-shrink fusion, mass fusion and mechanical splices) Type 4A
M67-118 Tray for 24 SplicePak™ (Q-pack) Splice Protectors, Type 4S
M67-120 Tray for 24 SplicePak™ (Q-pack) Splice Protectors, Type 4S