Wirewerks Next Step Splice Tray

The Wirewerks Next Step™ Splice Tray is a revolutionary high-density splice tray with unique cable routing features. It is the only splice tray on the market that can route all cable types with ease including: ribbon fiber, loose tube, and tight-buffer.

At just under half an inch thick, it has a capacity of up to 24 fibers and 2 bare fiber splitters. This means a total of 288F fit neatly in a 1U space when used with our Next Step rack mount patch panel.

The self-contained ribbon fiber slack management is a patent pending mechanism that can rout and manage up to 3 feet of ribbon fiber neatly contained within the tray. It is the only splice tray that uses a magnetic snap-in module that secures single fusion sleeves, mass fusion sleeves, mechanical splices, as well as an integrated groove for passive components like CWDM and optical splitters/couplers.

Compatible for indoor or outdoor use.