Sticklers CleanWipes 400 Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ fiber optic cleaning wipes are high quality optical grade wipes engineered for cleaning fiber prior to splicing or for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs. These wipes make cleaning virtually any kind of connector fast, reliable and affordable. 

Four different economical package sizes are ideal for low volume field service and lab technicians up to high volume factory production floors. CleanWipes use patent pending High Modulus fabric with exclusive static dissipating technology. 

CleanWipes are engineered to be used with the Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner.

 Features include:

  • CleanSwipe™ slots for fast, perfect cleans
  • CleanSwipe slots are “color clean” coded for usage control
  • No touch, No rip, No shredding
  • High-modulus wipes won’t scratch end-faces
  • Exclusive static dissipating cleaning surface eliminates static and re-cleaning

Ordering Information

Part #Description
MCC-WCS100Sticklers® CleanWipes™ 400 Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes; 400 cleans/box