AIR FOSCAerial Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The Aerial In-Line Re-enterable Fiber-Optic Splice Closure (AIR FOSC) is designed for strand-mounted fiber-in-the-loop (FITL) applications.

· Rugged body resists rodents and withstands impact
· 360 degree access to splice and slack storage areas
· Extendable for taut-sheath and repair splices
· Capacity for 96 single or 288 mass-fusion splices
· Gel end pieces conform to cables and seal out dust and water

Combining Raychem’s FOSC 400 fiber management systems and GelGuard sealing technology, it is compatible with all loose buffer tube and central core tube cables with either stranded or ribbon fiber.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FOSC ACC B Tray 24Splice tray with two SM12 splice modules and cover.
AIR FOSC B ExtensionComponents to extend closure for long repair splices.
AIR FOSC Taut Sheath Components for taut sheath (no slack) splicing.
AIR FOSC BComplete closure kit with one organizer tray. (SM6 splice modules)
FOSC ACC B Tray 12Splice tray with two SM6 splice modules and cover.
FOSC ACC B Tray 16Splice tray with two SM8 splice modules and cover.