MBN100 Mini-Bridger®

Motorola’s 1 GHz STARLINE® Mini-Bridger® series optical node, model MBN100, leads the industry in features and performance and is designed to meet the needs of today's expanding broadband communication networks.

This optical node provides the perfect solution for system operators who need to deploy fiber deeper into their architecture with the flexibility to expand later. The MBN100 node can be deployed as a stand alone compact sized fiber deep node or to convert an existing Minibridger® amplifier to an optical node.

The base of the MBN100 node is the same as the MB100 amplifier and can allow operators to leave the hard line coax cable installed when segmenting at an amplifier location.


  • 1003 MHz Enhanced Gallium Arsenide power doubling technology
  • Two high level outputs
  • Split or trunk passive 3rd output
  • Segmented Return path
  • Forward and Return Path redundancy
  • Up to two optical receivers
  • Up to two optical transmitters
  • Multiple diplex filter options
  • N-split (5-85/104-1003 MHz) availability
  • DOCSIS transponder interface provided
  • Hot swap modules
  • User friendly fiber management
  • Ease-of-use ergonomics
  • RoHS compliant
  • 15 Ampere AC capability
  • Optional return path ingress control
  • 1310nm 0.4 mW to CWDM 2.0 mW transmitters available