The network infrastructure that powers broadband providers and multi-system operators (MSO) is evolving rapidly. With CommScope's acquisition of TE Connectivity's Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) business, CommScope is adding more innovation, global solutions and scale to help operators solve more network challenges.

With the combination of CommScope and the BNS business, we look to accelerate industry innovation, solve more wired and wireless network challenges and better serve customers in more markets around the world. Broadband and MSOs and are facing four major challenges:

  • Increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Network quality issues
  • Rapid deployment that is scalable
  • Optimized infrastructure that can support every application

CommScope Now Has Even More Solutions

  • We are better positioned to support the steadily growing demand for broadband services in developed and emerging markets with an expanded fiber offering, enabling faster bandwidth and lower latency.
  • We have a strong track record of operational excellence through optimizing our manufacturing processes and successfully integrating solutions.
  • Our manufacturing footprint provides significant scale advantages within addressable markets. Manufacturing and distribution facilities are strategically located to optimize service levels and product delivery times.
  • We are media-agnostic and application-driven.

The Legacy CommScope Broadband Business Unit Solutions Include

  • PON Solution

    • Flexible chassis accommodates both EPON and GPON technologies
    • Designed to be deployed in residential FTTx, access networks for commercial accounts, multi-dwelling units, commercial in-building, security and building automation and wireless access points

  • E2O (Electrical to Optical)

    • Bridge HFC network to FTTx, combines fiber, microducts and coax under one jacket
    • Mitigate future cost of fiber installation

  • HomeConnect Solutions

    • Maximizing addressability, signal integrity and product life span while reducing corrosion, CPD and noise ingress/egress
    • Complete family of products helps reduce OpEx and meets subscriber expectations

  • BrightPath Optical Solution

    • Deployments allow operators to cost effectively deliver competitive high bandwidth services and fully leverage all of their existing infrastructures
    • Enables operators to choose a product that meets the needs of today while providing a migration path to the technology of tomorrow

The BNS New Fiber Solutions Include

  • Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) 4000

    • Discrete, small-size enclosures overcomes space challenges in crowded hand holes
    • Addresses the market’s needs for below-grade and underground FTTH deployments

  • Fiber Indexing

    • Uses common, pre-connectorized building block components to create a plug-and-play network that is faster to deploy
    • Eliminates the need for custom cable assemblies and splicing

  • Powered Fiber Cable System

    • Allows placing network devices exactly where they are needed to maximize coverage
    • Greatly speeds up planning by eliminating DC electrical calculations for voltage/power drop over varying distances

  • Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    • FOSC splice closures leverage innovations in polymers and materials science to create world-class sealing to allow fiber optics to perform in the harshest environments
    • Rugged, versatile platform that can be used in any environment (aerial, pedestal, buried, and underground)

  • NG4access ODF Platform

    • Optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), universal chassis, adapter pack, and cabled module solution set to allow fiber optics to perform in the harshest environments
    • Delivers equal front and rear technician access

  • Rapid Fiber Panels

    • Ultimate plug-and-play FTTx solutions
    • Assist service provides with a worry-free installation when deploying optical fiber distribution networks for various architectures

  • Mini Rapid Fiber Distribution Terminal (RDT)

    • Leverages RapidReel cable spool technology to deploy the exact amount of in-building distribution cable needed
    • The far end of the microcable terminates to a 12-fiber multi-fiber push-on (MPO) or hardened multi-fiber optical connector (HMFOC) ensuring faster cable routing and equipment terminations by the technician

By uniting our complementary solutions, technologies and geographic and market coverage, CommScope is creating a stronger platform from which to serve our customers.

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